Improve your life with an Orthotic

Each foot is unique, that’s why an orthotic , custom-tailored by Move with Podiatry are specifically crafted to meet individual needs.

An impression of the foot is made (cast) to duplicate any misalignments in the foot. Using the cast, Specialists in an orthotic laboratory can then correct the misalignments with compensation and stabilisation techniques.

An Orthotic from Move with Podiatry is designed especially for you.

All of our orthotics are custom designed for our patient’s feet. They’re custom made to provide relief and support where necessary and will provide increase ease and greater mobility.
Once you’re fitted by one of our specialists, the finished orthotic is then placed in the patient’s shoe and helps keep the foot in proper alignment.

Depending upon the patient’s requirements, the orthotic may have padding to cushion the foot against the weight — of the body.

In general, podiatrists group orthotics into two broad categories:

1. Functional orthotics incorporate special wedges to help adjust the heel, arch or forefoot. These devices can easily re-allign the foot and lower limb to enable improved function when standing, walking and running.

2. Accommodative orthotics designed to provide cushioning, shock absorption and offload pressure. This can be beneficial for people who are experiencing pain under the foot during daily activities.

Almost anyone can achieve some benefit from an orthotic. There are several common symptoms that may
indicate misalignment of the feet.
You may be a candidate for orthotics if:
• One side of the sole of your shoe wears out faster than the other
• You frequently sprain your ankle
• You have chronic heel, calf, and knee, hip or lower back pain
• Your shins hurt
• Your toes are not straight or you get lots of hard skin on the soles of your feet
• Your feet roll inward or excessively outward when you walk or
• Your feet hurt in general

At Move with Podiatry, we will be able to prescribe and fit you with the best possible Orthotic that suits your needs.
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